BuzzFeed International Marketing


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the challenge

As a growing start-up, BuzzFeed had gone through rapid changes - from strategy, to messaging, to products. As a result, the go-to-market sales materials were outdated, inconsistent...and communicating many different BuzzFeeds. As an international market with less brand recognition, the U.K. urgently needed pitch materials that communicated a clear and recognizable BuzzFeed to the industry.


Over the course of a quarter, we partnered with a designer to develop a U.K. specific pitch which included: BuzzFeed 101, global statistics, research, creative strategy, thought leadership and templates for when team members needed more customization. With new image guidelines + colors, fonts and brand assets pre-loaded, all materials going into market are distinctly BuzzFeed in both content and design.


The materials were used to pitch and sell through $11M in revenue in the U.K. Capitalizing on this success, they were adapted and rolled out to all international markets including: Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.